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Bonus Triangle Book Group

Bonus Triangle Book Group

The Bonus Triangle RPCV Book Group, initiated in 2020, focuses on books by Peace Corps authors. A special feature of this group is the participation, whenever possible, of the author, via Skype or Zoom! 

Meetings are scheduled on even-numbered months (February, April, June, August, October, December), so as not to be confused with the long-running NCPCA Book Group.  Contact Debbie Durham at [email protected] to learn about the Bonus Book Group future meetings.

Everyone is welcome, but meetings are limited to 12 participants. Please RSVP the host to participate. In non-pandemic times, meetings are held in private homes. Healthy treats welcome!

Links to find the books: 



Here are the books we are reading in 2021:

February 10

7:00 pm  (Zoom link sent if RSVP)


Plainsong by Kent Haruf (1999), RPCV Turkey

"In the same way that the plains define the American landscape, small-town life in the heartlands is a quintessentially American experience. Holt, Colorado, a tiny prairie community near Denver, is both the setting for and the psychological matrix of Haruf's beautifully executed (new) novel." Publisher's Weekly

"The lives of two young boys, two old farmers, and a pregnant teenager, intersect in this deceptively simple story about family, love, and loyalty." American Library Assoc.

The story will encourage a rich conversation, rather than a Q & A with the author, who passed away in 2014. This book sold over a million copies. Debbie Durham

Please RSVP host Debbie Durham, [email protected]



April 14

6:45 pm (Zoom link sent if RSVP)


The Warm Heart of Africa by Jack Allison (2020), RPCV Malawi

Jack will join us for the discussion!  Resident of western NC!

"When Jack Allison joined the Peace Corps in 1967, he never intended to write the number one hit song in Malawi or be described by Newsweek as more popular than Malawi's own president. A poor Southern white boy with a deep love of music, Jack only wanted an answer to one burning question: Should he become a minister or a doctor?" Goodreads

Please RSVP host Debbie Durham, [email protected]

June 9

7:00 pm (Zoom link sent if RSVP)


Medicine and Miracles in the High Desert: My Life Among the Navajo People (2019) by Dr. Erica Elliott, RPCV Ecuador

Author Erica Elliott will join us for the discussion!

Synopsis: After her first week teaching at a boarding school on the Navajo Reservation near Canyon de Chelly, young Erica Elliott almost leaves in dispair, unable to communicate with the children or understand cultural cues. But once she starts learning the Navajo language, the people begin to trust her, taking her into their homes and ceremonies - the people, animals and spirits of Canyon de Chelly. Years later she returns as a medical doctor to offer her services to Navajo patients.

Please RSVP host Debbie Durham, [email protected]