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Peace Corps Night Silent Auction FAQs

Silent Auction FAQs


What, an auction?  Why?  What’s it for? 

Peace Corps Night is our annual fun evening with a great potluck, and it’s also a fundraiser for the NCPCA donation to the project of a serving Volunteer from NC. This year, our evening will include a silent auction throughout the event!  Everyone can donate items (food, art, getaways) or services (dinners, wine-tastings, airport rides) and everyone can bid on these, just by writing their name and bid amount on paper bid sheets. At the end of the evening, all winning bidders will pay for their items. We will accept cash, check and credit card. 


What are some examples of silent auction service ideas?

  • Host a dinner and cook food from your Peace Corps country!
  • Do you know a crafty skill you can share? 
  • Offer a ride to the airport, dog-sitting, or yard work help...
  • Can you host a game night? How about a chocolate or wine tasting?


Can I offer a service (like dog-sitting, or rides to the airport) but restrict the geographic area or length of time, or time of day, etc. in which I can provide it? 

Yes! Just specify your preferences in your description of your donation, like within the Raleigh Beltline, or no rides before 7am or after 11pm. 


Can I offer a service but not set the date and the details yet? 

Yes! Describe your ideas in general (wine-tasting, game night, etc.) and say that you will arrange the details and get in touch with the participants of the event later.


What kinds of donations of items are acceptable?

You can donate almost anything that you think someone else might want, perhaps something special like a work of art, a hand-knit scarf, or a weekend getaway.  Please don’t donate items that aren’t special or valuable in some way -- no used books or clothing.  In the case of physical items, donors will bring the items to the event, and the winning bidder will pay for them & take them home.


How will the starting bids for items be set? 

The coordinators of Peace Corps Night will evaluate the items offered and attempt to set consistent starting bids for some categories, so that all dinners, or tasting events, for example, will start at $10 per person. For unique items like a ukulele lesson, or resume advising, the donors’ suggestions will be used. 


How will the bidding work? 

There will be tables set up with a bid sheet for each item or service, each with a stated starting bid, and numbered slots for bidders.  Bidders will sign up and specify their bid throughout the evening.  When the auction ends, the bid sheets will be collected, and the top bidders will be notified.  Winning bidders will pay for their items and, in the case of physical items, take them home with them.  Don't forget to bring cash, check, or a credit card to pay for your winnings!


How do I donate a service or item to the silent auction?

Click here to donate to the PC Night Silent Auction. You will fill out some basic information about your donation and we will contact you with next steps.  We would like to collect all donations by July 15th so that we can prepare for Peace Corps Night on July 23rd.


What are examples of past good silent auction items?

  • Weekend getaway to a cabin in the woods
  • Gift cards to restaurants
  • Handmade pottery 
  • A picnic basket with all the accoutrements 
  • Food items like a plate of homemade cookies or brownies, or a jar of special honey or jam
  • Framed painting or photo 


What has been donated to the Silent Auction so far?

Click here for a list of services and items donated so far.


Can I contact someone if I have more questions about the silent auction?

Sure! Please email [email protected] with any other questions.