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Peace Corps Night Silent Auction Items

Peace Corps Night Silent Auction Items










In 2019, items up for bid include:


An all level yoga class with other winners!

A home-cooked Nepalese meal, enjoyed with others and accommodated for your dietary needs!

Two hours of editing assistance for your blog, resume, short story, website, or song!

A homemade cake or torte to celebrate someone special in your world! Your recipe or the donors.

A sourdough bread baking class - you leave with a loaf!

Two hours of web design basics to get you started on a new project!

Ukulele plus lessons to impress everyone with your musical talent! You can even enjoy a group tutorial!

A weekend getaway to a serene cabin in the woods!

A North Carolina cookbook featuring desserts - satisfy that sweet tooth!

A handmade scarf to accessorize any outfit!

Wine-tasting - where you get to pick the theme of the wine-filled evening!

Learn to make a hardanger - a Norwegian holiday ornament using embroidery!

A one-year gym membership! 

Beautiful hand-made pottery!

An authentic, home-cooked Ghanian dinner!

Preserve your legacy with Peace Corps Oral History recordings for the National Archives at the John F. Kennedy Library!

An incredible silk vest from Hong Kong (from British rule, pre-1997 era)!

Jam on a brand new Yamaha FG800 Acoustic guitar with Yamaha Axepack of accessories!

Tickets to root, root, root for the Durham Bulls!

Enjoy a game night with friends - including wine and snacks!

Artwork and autographed books by Raleigh artist Lloyd Childres!

A lithograph signed football from the Carolina Panthers!

An antique schoolhouse clock (over 100 years old)!

Need a ride to the airport? We got you covered!

A classic Chinese abacus

A Georgian feast - grape leaves, and pomegranates, and khachapuri - oh my!


Gift cards to restaurants, stores, massages, and more!


We will accept cash, check or credit card!


Stay tuned, as other possible items include:

  • group dinners where the host cooks the food of their PC country 
  • groups that cook together a meal from a PC country  
  • Short workshop or half-day class on some skill (ukulele, sourdough bread baking, craft making, jam-making, yoga...) 
  • resume writing or other professional advice
  • Day-to-day helpful services, like a ride to the airport or babysitting, yardwork,  mulch delivery, loan of a pickup truck...
  • Tasting events -- chocolate, wine…?? 
  • Outing to somewhere-- private tour of Museum show or Duke Archive or somewhere else the donor has special access to
  • Outdoor event coordination -- camping weekend? Kayaking or sailing for an afternoon? Beach weekend? 
  • Host a game night, charades, musical jam session, or some other social event